The Centre

Amaya is a meditation and shamanic ceremonial centre set in the Columbia Valley, near Cultus Lake, BC, Canada. We have unique offerings of inner journey events, zen meditation, candle-gazing meditation, yoga nidra, dark room meditation, and pilgrimage enabling the participant to dive deeper into self-awareness.

Amaya is a safe, quiet and natural environment for your inner journey to be as comfortable as possible. Each offering provides a unique experience of rejuvenation, healing and self-discovery.

Communal Room


Hexagonal Ceremonial Room 


The Vision

Sometimes we have to go through a great deal of darkness before we can see the light. Just as a butterfly emerges out of it's chrysalis into the light, we too can go inward and come back completely transformed. When we look inside we can visit our old patterns, our fears and limitations that distract us to the point where we can not have the clearest picture of our truest path. We cannot see reality clearly before we truly see ourselves.

There is such a profound amount of beauty in our world and we are all aware that there also lies a great deal of upheaval. Our earth is not being cared for as well as it should, our political systems are corrupt and our culture full of confusion because of extensive media influence.  The chaos that comes along with the high demands of our modern society brings an ever rising level of mental, emotional and physical disease. Our personal and daily lives are effected by this in a variety of manifestations. Stress, depression and anxiety are affecting our systems and we are striving to rid ourselves of it's grip. We cannot deny it, we cannot pretend that all is ok when we could be doing better.  

Through the process of taking the journey inward we can take a deeper look at ourselves and all of the illusions that hold us back from allowing our true self and purpose to emerge. Just as philosopher and civil rights leader Howard Thurman's exhortation states "Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who come alive."

As you have the opportunity to enter into a deeper state of stillness many people find that they have a broader perspective on the world around them and a clearer picture of what they need to do next in their own personal lives to create positive change. Conscious, collective knowledge and action is needed and that first step lies in our inner journey.


The Facilitators

Tania Edwards

Tania's inner journey began over a decade ago with a daily yoga and meditation practice. She spent 4 years in Japan where she practiced and studied traditional Zen Buddhist meditation.

Diving deep into studies of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, was a complement to her yoga practice and after experiencing Ayurveda's power to heal she was dedicated to meditation and plant medicines being the first steps in healing.

Throughout Tania’s time teaching Yoga and Ayurveda classes and workshops she continued her meditation and mindfulness studies with buddhist teacher Michael Stone and deepening her studies in Ayurveda with Ayurvedic teacher Melanie "Madhuri" Phillips. 

Tania has experience in holding sacred space for women through co-founding Hearts of Indra, organizing circles and a retreat for women to come together to listen, speak, sing, heal and transform. 

Upon co-founding Amaya Inner Journey Centre, Tania wishes through meditation and sacred ceremony to help people awaken to their true purpose as a collective being.

Fabrice L'Heureux

Fabrice was introduced to meditation as a teenager. Later introduced to Zen Meditation through the practice of Aikido, it has been his primary form of meditation for over 2 decades. Through continued daily practice of shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) he finds a way to deepen his connection to Zen Buddhism.

As a lover of nature, Fabrice has a strong belief in the healing power of plants. For the past 10 years, Fabrice has spent extensive time in South America learning the healing ways from Andean and Amazonian shamanic healers. Shamanism has shaped his spiritual path and is the main influence in how he holds ceremonial space for others. 

Tao Qigong and Yoga have also had strong influences in Fabrice's life over the last 10 years. Having studied under master teachers such as Minke Devos and Wendy Lang he has had the opportunity to deepen his understanding of the movement of life energy. He furthered his studies in healing techniques through learning vibrational sound healing.

Upon co-founding Amaya Inner Journey Centre, Fabrice hopes to help shift positive changes in humanity through connecting people to nature and their inner wisdom.