Colin Hillstrom

Sound Healer

Spiritual Coach

Melanie O’Leary

Shamanic Practitioner

Ceremony Leader


Awaken the medicine within.

Amaya Inner Journey is a transformational weekend of ceremony with plant medicine, sound healing, guided sitting and active meditation, yoga, conscious dance, and plant-based nourishment all set in the beautiful Columbia Valley near Cultus Lake, BC.

In “Panacea: The Power of Self-Love” we are honoured to be joined by Certified Sound Healer, Colin Hillstrom, playing the worlds finest crystal singing bowls and Shamanic Practitioner, Melanie O’Leary, guiding us through a heart opening cacao ceremony.

Imagine taking a journey into the heart to connect to a deeper, authentic relationship with yourself. Cacao medicine will become the powerful facilitator that will guide the journey to an enhanced connection with your own power, truth and divinity while a crystal sound bath further elevates our emotions and allows you access to our higher intuitive intelligence.

“Colin has a great heart spirit, and is able to bring his audience to love. He sets the tone of playfulness, as well as honoring the deep powers of spirit.”

-Nancy Shipley Rubin, author of “The Manifesting Codes”


Cacao in ceremonial doses is a heart opener that allows us to access inner healing and awakening. Cacao can produce euphoric effects allowing us to release negative emotions and connect to loving energy within us.

It’s thought cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures. It was used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance.

“Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine. “ – Geronimo Piperni


Colin Hillstrom

Colin Hillstrom is an “Outlier” in the field of coaching. His ‘spiritual gift’ lies in his natural capacity to connect people to their natural non-dualistic mind, otherwise known as the state of enlightenment.

Colin uses the modalities of consciousness coaching and sound vibration to help people shift to higher levels of awareness and choice. He is a certified sound healer, consciousness coach and workshop facilitator, singer/songwriter, recording artist, spiritual innovator, and author.

Colin plays some of the world’s finest sound healing tools, the Crystal Tones brand of alchemy singing bowls. His set of 14 bowls contain several precious and semi-precious stones, including platinum (activate divine feminine consiousness), 24 karat gold (connect with spiritual abundance), azeztulite (activate I Am consciousness), pink tourmaline (emotional healing), serpentine (kundalini energy), and indium (cellular health).

Melanie O’Leary

Melanie is a Shamanic Practitioner, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator and Creative Visionary. She is the owner of Soul Sanctuary and co-creator of Alder & Birch. Melanie has over 10 years of intensive study and immersion into shamanic healing arts and over 15 years of experience working in the health & birth industry.

Combining contemporary and traditional wisdom, Melanie remains committed to preserving ancestral wisdom traditions by restoring myth, creativity, storytelling, ritual, rites of passage and shamanic medicine within her healing practice. With creativity and abundant gentleness, Melanie helps stitch back together the worlds of body and soul as they come together for women, men, couples and youth of all walks of life.