Matthew Kocel

Cosmic Throat Singer

Breath Empowerment

Mahan Khalsa

Kundalini Teacher

Lifestyle Coach


Awaken the medicine within.

Amaya Inner Journey is a transformational weekend of ceremony with plant medicine, sound healing, guided sitting and active meditation, yoga, conscious dance, and plant-based nourishment all set in the beautiful Columbia Valley near Cultus Lake, BC.

In “Om: The Sound of Creation” we are honored to be joined by Internationally renowned Cosmic Throat Singer and Dedicated Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mahan Khalsa.

Prepped by the dynamic, powerful energy of kundalini yoga we will enter into ceremony with our spirit ally plant medicine, Cannabis, where you will have the opportunity to experience an ocean of cosmic sound with vibration that will resonate through your entire being.

On Matthew’s offering:

“Words seem so deficient for explaining the depth of experience we all felt... I was being moved by sound, my whole body was light and vibrating. ”

— Amy Holt, Vancouver Yoga Review


The use of cannabis for spiritual and religious purposes is as old as civilization itself. The herb, with its ability to induce new spiritual insights and understanding, has been (and still is) used by religious cultures all over the world.

Although mentioned in many ancient scriptures, the earliest mention of cannabis has been found in The Vedas, or sacred Hindu texts. These writings may have been compiled as early as 2000 to 1400 B.C. According to The Vedas, cannabis was one of five sacred plants and a guardian angel lived in its leaves. The Vedas call cannabis a source of happiness, joy-giver, liberator that was compassionately given to humans to help us attain delight and lose fear (Abel, 1980). It releases us from anxiety.  

“When we use cannabis meditatively, with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both shine a light on the illusions we carry and invite us to release into a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence that feels right and real.” -Stephen Gray, Author of Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally


Matthew Kocel

Recognized as an emerging leader in the world sound healing movement, Matthew Kocel is a throat singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and recording artist with over 3 decades experience as a performer and multi-disciplinary healing arts practitioner.

He is a committee member of the Global Wellness Institute Sound Healing Initiative, and in the last year alone has shared his vision inducing music in France, New York, the western United States and Canada.

With a rare combination of throat singing, overtone chant and natural voice Matthew has tapped into a universal stream of music that feels deeply familiar yet new at the same time.

The harmonic overtones of his voice - 2, 3 or more notes sounding at the same time - resonate to the core of your being, dissolving the boundaries of space/time and giving direct experience of the oneness of all things.

Accompanied by humble acoustic instruments and ancient technology, Matthew's live performances have impacted people from all walks of life in North America, Europe, Central and South America. www.omshaman.com

Mahan Khalsa

Mahan Khalsa is a woman lit up with passionate purpose. She’s a down to earth, reach-for-the-skies, wildly spirited woman. For almost 2 decades, she’s devoted her life to growing and evolving into her happiest, healthiest, and most radiant self.

As a committed yogini, dynamic healer and lifestyle entrepreneur, Mahan is committed to sharing ancient practices and practical tools to inspire and support others along their transformational path to holistic health and well-being.

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to bring balance to the body, mind and soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mantra, mudra, posture and meditation to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purify the blood. From this embodied state, one can live more freely and joyfully with intuition and soul wisdom.