Amaya Inner Journey is a transformational weekend retreat with guided meditation, sound healing, yoga, qigong, and plant-based nourishment all set in the beautiful Columbia Valley near Cultus Lake, BC.

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APRIL 6 - 7

with plant medicine, Bobinsana

In “Pachamama: Shamanic Women’s Retreat” we are bringing women together to connect with the bounty and blessings received from our Mother Earth. Pachamama is the revered Earth Mother Goddess of the indigenous peoples of the Andes and is the source of life. [>]


APRIL 20 - 21

with plant medicine, Cannabis

In “SPIRIT ALLY: Awakening with Cannabis”, we are honoured to welcome Stephen Gray, author of “Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally” and Creator of the “Spirit Plant Medicine Conference” hosted annually in Vancouver. [>]


MARCH 9 - 10

In “INNER ALCHEMY: The Art of Rejuvenation, we are honoured to welcome Universal Tao instructors Minke De Vos and David Gyurkovics. They will be guiding us through a Qi Gong journey to bring light and awareness to the deepest areas of the self. [>]


February 2 - 3

with plant medicine, CAcao

In “PANACEA: The Power of Self-Love”, we are honoured to be joined by Sound Healer, Colin Hillstrom, playing the worlds finest crystal singing bowls and Shamanic Practitioner, Melanie O’Leary, guiding us through a heart opening cacao ceremony. [>]


JANUARY 26 - 27

with plant medicine, Cannabis

In “Om: The Sound of Creation”, we are honored to be joined by Internationally renowned Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel and Dedicated Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mahan Khalsa. [>]