2 Day Dark Room Retreat

2 Days Immersion of SILENT AND GUIDED MEDITATION IN DARKNESS WITH cleaning meals and BLUE LOTUS Medicine

UPCOMING: JAN 24 to JAn 26

COST: $300 - includes CLeansing meals and blue lotus


3 Day Dark Room Retreat


UPCOMING: Feb 21 to 24



The Program

Our Dark Room retreat is ideal for all those looking to connect with the deepest self (soul). Completely blocking out external visual stimuli for an extended period of time allows access to the subconscious mind and naturally allows this to occur as there is no way to see outward.

The process of secluding oneself in complete darkness for meditative purposes has been practiced throughout time by many cultures as a way of obtaining spiritual evolution or deep spiritual growth. From Tibet, to India, to the Amazon, spiritual traditions around the world have used darkroom techniques. 

Throughout the Days in the Dark Room, participants are involved in a daily regimen of silent and guided meditations. Sound healing, chants, crystal bowls and other meditative instruments are used in between meditations. Ancient chants and stories, drums, rattles and other tools are also used during Shamanic journeying to promote a shift of awareness for personal growth, healing, and to connect the self with inner wisdom and the natural world.

This retreat is designed for experienced meditation practitioners only. The 24 hour Journey is recommended as a preparation for the retreat. Please contact us to for an intake interviews.

Cleansing and Detox Diet

The retreat is a physical cleanse as well as a mental cleanse. We serve daily plant based cleansing meals diet that aids in detoxing on a deep cellular level. It is an important step of the process as much of the food we eat on a daily basis interferes with our ability to obtain clear vision.

It is strongly recommended to start the cleanse a week prior by eliminating processed foods, caffeine and any other stimulants.


When we have an injury such as a wound or broken bone we give it time to heal but when our minds are stressed, exhausted or depressed we keep going. In our noisy culture it is important that we give our minds a much needed rest. Through the process of spending time in complete darkness with very limited external stimuli, you are giving the overworked mind and body an opportunity to replenish.

A flow of soft movements (yin yoga and qigong) is designed specifically to release tension, promote circulation of energy and rejuvenation.

Blue Lotus to deepen the experience

A decoction of Blue Lotus is served before sleep to initiate the spiritual journey. The purple blue flower grows along the Nile and was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It is used to calm down the nervous system, deepen meditation, promote lucid dreaming and stimulate the pineal gland. It is not mandatory to drink the tea but it is strongly recommended.

The Space

Inspired by sacred geometry, our hexagonal ceremonial room is a safe and peaceful environment specifically designed for your comfort and safety. For further information please read our Dark Room Meditation FAQ's.

More information 

Origin of Dark Room Meditation

From Tibet, to India, to the Amazon, spiritual traditions around the world have used darkroom techniques. The process of secluding oneself in complete darkness, spending  a number of days with absolutely no light, has been practiced throughout time as a way of obtaining spiritual evolution or deep spiritual growth. In Egypt, the darkroom was found in the pyramids, in Tibet and India as mountainside caves, in Europe, in the form of underground tunnels and catacombs and even in the Amazon jungle as a way to heal, transform and awaken. (more)

Brain Chemistry

Retreating into complete darkness for an extended period of time has a major effect on the brain. The effect of darkness is to shut down major cortical centres of the brain, depressing mental and cognitive functions in the higher brain centres. Emotional and feeling states are enhanced, especially the sense of smell and the finer senses of psychic perception. Shifts of consciousness can help us see that which is beyond illusion.  (more